Price lists for Cavern Diving

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Price lists for Cavern Diving
Guided Cavern diving
Price level 1: Entry Fee: Guiding:
Kukulkan 25 USD 65 USD
Chac Mool 25 USD 65 USD
El Eden - Ponderosa 15 USD 65 USD
Chikin Ha 25 USD 65 USD
Tajma Ha 25 USD 65 USD
Price level 2: Entry Fee: Guiding:
Dos Ojos - Barbie Line 25 USD 70 USD
Dos Ojos - Bat Cave 25 USD 70 USD
Dreamgate - upstream 25 USD 70 USD
Dreamgate - downstream 25 USD 70 USD
Price level 3: Entry Fee: Guiding:
Grand Cenote 25 USD 75 USD
Aktun Ha - Carwash 20 USD 75 USD
Casa Cenote 15 USD 75 USD
Price level 4: Entry Fee: Guiding:
Angelita 25 USD 85 USD
The Pit 35 USD 85 USD
Zapote 30 USD 85 USD
  • All Cavern dives include transport, light, tanks, weights and soft drinks.
  • The prices listed are for each individual Cavern dive (1 Dive in 1 Cavern) and are based on a normal day of Cavern diving which is a minimum of 2 Cavern dives.
  • Cavern diving sites will be chosen depending on weather conditions, experience level and already seen places.
  • For a single Diver there's an extra charge of 25 USD per Day.
  • Choose a package for several days of diving.
  • For Groups we can offer special prices. Just contact us for a detailed offer.

(including transport, a brand new snorkel, soft drinks, equipment, light)
Snorkeltour Price
Snorkeltour per day (without the Cenote entry fee) 70 USD

Dive Packages and Group Discount:
Packages: Discount before now
Safari Package     325 USD
Explorer Package 5% 885 USD 840 USD
Complete Package 10% 1'725 USD 1'550 USD
Group Discount: Discount
More than 6 People 5%
More than 10 People 10%

Just contact us for your own personalized group discount.

Compare like with like, see what is and what is not included. Hidden costs have a way of mounting up. Also check out the Instructor and their experience.
Go Cavern Diving believes in providing the highest quality guiding and training at reasonable prices.
Courses Duration Dives Price
Essentials 2 Days 4 500 USD
Cavern Diver 2 Days 4 500 USD
Basic Cave Diver 2 Days 4 500 USD
Full Cave Diver 4 Days 8 1'000 USD
Combined Courses Duration Dives Price
Cavern + Basic Cave Diver 4 Days 8 1'000 USD
Cavern To Full Cave Diver 7 Days 16 1'750 USD

Rental Gear
Rental Equipment: Per Day
Full rental gear 20 USD
BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit - per item 5 USD
Fins, Mask, Snorkel 5 USD