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Safari Package
With the Safari Package you'll get a fantastic first impression of how impressive diving in the Caverns can be. After this first two days you will be hooked and can easily add more days to your package.
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Level 1 2 Days Entrance fee325 USD
Explorer Package
With the Explorer package you will get a great overview of Cavern Diving by visiting 10 different sites. You will discover how different and unique each Cavern is when compared to the others.
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Level 1 5 Days Entrance fee 5 Percent Entrance fee885 USD 840 USD
Complete Package
Dive them all! Explore all of the 18 popular Caverns of the Riviera Maya in 9 days. For sure you can make a day rest between days of diving to hang out at the beach or visit one of the Mayan temples.
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Level 1 9 Days Entrance fee 10 Percent Entrance fee1'725 USD 1'550 USD
Map of the Caverns
Cavern Diving Standards