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The rates for Cavern diving
When booking your diving trip or course price is an issue but as with everything in life:
You get what you pay for.
  • Compare like with like, see what is and what is not included.
  • Hidden costs have a way of mounting up. Also check out the Instructor and their experience.
  • Go Cavern Diving believes in providing the highest quality guiding and training at reasonable prices.

Student Manuals, Certification, Tanks, Weights, Air, Transportation to Dive Sites, Specialized Cavern Diving Equipment if applicable, On site Emergency O2, First Aid Kit and Cooler with Water

For courses please remember:
You are paying for training not certification. If extra days of training are required beyond the course standard they will be charged at a daily pro rata rate.

Note: It is advisable to bring as much of your own equipment with you as possible (less tanks and weights of course). That way you will be using equipment with which you are familiar and get the opportunity to fine-tune it for use in your specific application.

The following personal dive gear is not included: Mask, Fins, Boots, Hood and Wetsuit (Minimum 3mm Shorty Wetsuit for Ocean Diving 5mm Full Length Wetsuit for Cavern / Cave Diving). For sure all this equipment can be rented.