Equipment Requirements for Cavern Courses
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Equipment Requirements
Cavern Diver Course
It is advisable that you bring as much of this equipment with you as is possible less tanks and weights of course. That way you will be using equipment you are familiar with and get the opportunity to fine-tune it for use in the cavern environment.

Anything on the list you do not have can be provided at daily rental rate.

Personal items: We recommend you to bring the following personal items with you: towel, swim suit, biodegradable sun screen, insect repellant and just a small amount of cash. Please do not bring valuable items to the Cenotes.

Note: Snorkel, Gloves and knifes are forbidden in Cavern Diving.
Standards for Cavern Diving.

Equipment required:
Low Volume Mask
Open Heel Power Fins
Dive Boots
Full Length Wetsuit (5mm Recommended)
Hooded Vest (Optional)
DIN 1st Stage
Primary 2nd Stage with 5ft hose (7ft recommended)
Backup 2nd Stage with short hose on bungee necklace
LPI Hose
HP hose and SPG (no consoles)
Stainless Steel or Aluminium Backplate, webbing harness and wing style BCD(recommended) or Jacket style BCD
Wrist mounted Dive computer or bottom timer
Submersible Dive Tables
Slate with Pencil (wet notes recommended)
Wrist mounted compass
Small Wrist mounted cutting device
Back up cutting device (to be placed in pouch or pocket)
Primary Reel
Safety spool
Primary Light with hands free handle
Compact Back up Light
5 small stainless steel swiveling snap bolts
3 Line Arrows
3 Cookies