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Open Daily. The entrance fee for divers is 10 USD. A primitive toilet requiring a bucket flush is available. There is a large parking area with tables to set up dive equipment. It is a 20m/70ft walk down a concrete stairway to the water from the parking area. Permanent Gold Cavern line. Maximum depth 15m/50ft. Halocline depth 12m/40ft.
Tajma Ha
Originally named Taj Mahal by the original explorers as this cave system reminded them of the beauty and splendor of the Taj Mahal in India the name has since been “Mayanised” to Taj Ma Ha as Ha means water in Mayan.

Taj Ma Ha is located 5km/3miles south of Puerto Aventuras on Highway 307. From the turnoff a 3km/2mile dirt road leads out to the car parking area 10 minutes into the jungle.

At the right time of year and the right time of day Taj Ma Ha has one of the most spectacular light shows of any of the caverns. From March to September the laser like beams of light entering the Points of Light room have to be seen to be believed.

However no matter what time of year you are here this is still a must see cavern as it is so rich and diverse in character. The dive will lead you past three cenotes with impressive light effects along a "trippy" halocline tunnel and through some beautifully decorated areas with thousands of stalactite and stalagmite formations.

During the dive you will be able to surface in cenote Sugarbowl and may see the sacred cenote bird of the Maya, the turquoise browed Motmot, with its unique racquet tail feathers. Listen out for its distinctive call.

If you look carefully you will also see many fossils in the walls and ceiling of the cavern.

It is very important to have good buoyancy control diving here as the dive has a very saw tooth profile.
Key Data
Level 4 Open Water Scuba
Diver Certification
Level 2 Good buoyancy required to handle the different depth changes
Entry fee Entry fee:
15 USD
Entry Stairs are going down to the water level.
Depth Maximum depth of
15 meters / 50 feet
Halocline Halocline depth
12 meters / 40 feet
Sunlight Very famous for the “Points of Light” room. During the summer month strong sunlight creates laser like beams in the cavern zone.
Video Good buoyancy required to handle the different depth changes
Photo Very nice – back light effects
Toilets Very basic toilet.
Combination In combination with:
El Eden
Casa Cenote
Map of the Caverns
Cavern Diving Standards