Maximum depth of 15m/50ft. Halocline depth 12m/40ft. 2 permanent gold lines lead into the Cavern from Chac Mool Main Entrance and end at Little Brother Cenote forming 2 completely different routes which both start and end in open water and can be dived from either Cenote and in either direction. Your guide will choose the best entry location and underwater route based the time of day to get the most of the available sunlight.
The spectacular Kukulcan Cenote is a very large crystal clear turquoise blue pool that has formed around the edges of a collapse in a lush green jungle setting.

This Cavern has some spectacular light shows if you time your dive right with the whole entrance lit up with a wall of sunbeams. This curtain of light is truly an awe inspiring sight not to be missed and a big favorite of photographers and videographers.

The dark side of the Cavern Zone has a very strong halocline to entice and enchant as well as some unique crystal formations in the walls.
Key Data
Level 4 Open Water Scuba
Diver Certification
Level 1 Easy - a good starter to
Go Cavern Diving
Entry fee Entry fee:
15 USD
Entry A good pathway goes down to a platform at the water level.
Depth Maximum depth of
15 meters / 50 feet
Halocline Halocline depth
12 meters / 40 feet
Sunlight The view of the sunbeams trough the cristal clear water is just stunning.
Video worth it with sunlight
Photo worth it with sunlight
Toilets Good newly
built toilets.
Combination In combination with:
Chac Mool
Map of the Caverns
Cavern Diving Standards