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Open Daily, entrance fee for divers 10 USD, toilets and changing facilities available. There are concrete tables to set up dive equipment at the parking lot approx. 50m/165ft from the Cenote and additional tables directly at the entry point. Dos Ojos has 2 Permanent Gold Cavern lines. The Barbie line has a maximum depth of 8m/27ft.
Dos Ojos - Barbie Line

Dos Ojos means “two eyes” in Spanish and describes the two circular depressions close together in the jungle known as the east and west eyes. The spectacular semicircular Cenotes are large crystal clear turquoise blue pools that have formed around the edges of the collapse in a lush green jungle setting.

Dos Ojos is located 1km south of Xel Ha on Highway 307. From the turnoff a 3km dirt road leads out to the east and West eyes of Dos Ojos 15 min. into the jungle.

From the east eye 4 permanent gold lines lead into the Cavern forming 2 completely different routes which both start and end in the east eye both of which can be dived in either direction (clockwise or anticlockwise).

The Barbie line leads the diver into a very large open cavern area with lots of light penetration. The line traverses from the east eye over to the west eye and then skirts the edge of the west eye for quite a distance before doubling back on itself hugging the far wall of the cavern as it heads back toward the east eye through the “time tunnel” a beautiful phreatic tube with an amazing view out of the cavern at the end.

The Barbie line has is decorated with many beautiful columns and enormous Stalagmites and Stalactites formations which can be admired throughout the whole dive. The light show is awesome and it is always worthwhile stop a moment and  turn back to see the incredible views from the entrance as you swim into the Cavern.

Key Data
Level 4 Open Water Scuba
Diver Certification
Level 1 Easy - not a lot of
up and downs.
Entry fee Entry fee:
25 USD
Entry Stone steps and a big wooden platform making
the entrance very easy.
Depth Maximum depth of
8 meters / 26 feet
Video Nice place to shoot .
Strong lights needed.
Photo With a strobe a cool place
to shoot

Very basic toilets.

Combination In combination with:
Dos Ojos - Bat Cave
Map of the Caverns
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