Open Daily. The entrance fee for divers is 15 USD. Toilets and changing facilities are available. There is a parking area with tables to set up dive equipment at the entrance just off the highway. Getting in and out of the water is fairly challenging and requires a reasonable degree of fitness. It is a fairly long walk of approx 200m/660ft from the parking area to the water and then a 3m/10ft giant stride entry to get in. There are no ladders or steps so your guide will show you where and how to climb back out at the end of your dive. Angelita has a maximum depth of 60m/200ft but the maximum depth allowed for Cavern Diving is 40m/130ft and we will stay within this limit. Halocline depth 30m/100ft.
Cenote Angelita which means “Little Angel” is 15 minutes south of Tulum on Highway 307. It is a classic sinkhole cenote with the typical hourglass profile, a maximum depth of 60m/200ft, and a prominent Talus Cone (debris mound) rising up in the center of the cenote to a depth of 27m/60ft.

This is a dive for experienced divers because of the depth and good buoyancy control is essential to avoid uncontrolled descents or ascents.

As you start the dive and descend down through the freshwater take a look back up to see the light streaming through the circular entrance framed by the lush green jungle surrounding the cenote, it’s an amazing sight.

Descending further an island complete with skeleton trees surrounded by swirling mist will appear below you.

As Angelita is quite far inland the halocline is much deeper, all the way down at 30m/100ft. Sitting on top of the halocline is a dense cloud like layer of Hydrogen Sulphide 2m/6ft thick which is formed by the bacterial decomposition of organic material that has fallen into the cenote.

The top of the talus cone emerges from this layer of Hydrogen Sulphide giving it the appearance of an island surrounded by thick swirling cloud.

Truly diving Angelita is an unforgettable experience, like taking a step back in time to an era of myth and legend.

An enchanted island under the water surrounded by a mist shrouded lake through which reach the branches of a drowned forest like the gnarled fingers of demons and creatures of the dark and hidden places.

As soon as you descend below the hydrogen sulphide layer into the saltwater you will be in the dark, the ambient light trapped by the cloud above.

Do you dare to dive below the mysterious thick cloud of hydrogen sulphide to discover what lies beneath?

As you ascend at the end of your dive you will spiral back up the walls of the cenote past huge stalactites until you reach a depth of 6m/20ft where there is a permanent line that circumnavigates the cenote and is an interesting way to complete the safety stop at the end of the dive.

Be sure to look out for the small crocodile that lives at the surface.
Key Data
Level 4 AOW Scuba Diver Certification
Level 4 Very demanding - very deep - dark underneath the hydrogen sulfide layer
Entry fee Entry fee:
25 USD
Entry After a short jungle walk jump from about 2 meters into the water
Depth Maximum depth of 40 meters. Angelita itself has a maximum depth of 60 meters
Halocline Halocline and
hydrogen sulfide layer
Sunlight Incredible sun beams between the roots of old trees
Video Only for experienced videographers. Very difficult to focus in the different layers.
Photo With a strobe a cool place
to shoot
Map of the Caverns
Cavern Diving Standards
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