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HP Hartmann
Amount of Dives:
Total Number of Dives: 2000+
Wreck Dives: 80+
Cave Dives: 400+
Dry-suit Dives: 150+
Cold Water Dives (-50F): 150+
Drift Dives: 1000+
Decompression Dives: 100+
DPV Dives: 100+
Stage Dives: 100+
Side-mount Dives: 1000+
Mixed Gas Dives: 200+
Deepest Ocean Dive: 230ft / 70m
Deepest Cave Dive: 200ft / 60m
Longest Deco Dive: 4 Hours (Cave Dive)
Longest No Deco Dive: 3,5 Hours (Cave Dive)
Dives Below 200ft: 10+
Video Dives: 500+
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