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Snorkeltour to the Cenotes
Well you can still enjoy the Cenotes and Caverns of the Riviera Maya and spend some time cooling off by going snorkeling.
Guided Cavern Diving
In fact you will see almost as much snorkeling
as you would diving.

The open water areas of the Cenotes are very colorful, full of life with many exotic tropical plants, aquatic birds, fish and other interesting animals to see.

Many of the Caverns have extensive air surfaces that allow you to snorkel quite a long way back into them and as they are shallow and the visibility is so good there is plenty to see both above and below the water. All you need to go snorkeling is a mask, snorkel, fins and floatation vest all of which we will provide.

You get a brand new snorkel that you get to keep so no worries about who was using it before you.

The water is warm all year round so you will be fine in a swimsuit or shorts.

You may want to wear a T shirt for sun protection while you snorkel.

Snorkel Places:
Cavern Diving Standards